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Hello, I’m Abhinav K G, an experienced freelance digital marketer currently based in Calicut. I am currently contributing my skills and expertise as a digital marketer at Adsflo Worldwide, where I am successfully handling high-profile clients with precision and dedication, ensuring their digital marketing needs are met with excellence.

My digital marketing services encompass SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, and Web development. With a background in web development, social media, and SEO, I provide tailored solutions for businesses seeking success in the digital landscape. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’m here to help!

I hold a certification in Digital Media and Marketing from CDA Academy, which has equipped me with a unique blend of linguistic expertise and contemporary digital marketing skills. As a freelance digital marketer, I specialize in helping businesses enhance their online presence and connect with their target audience through strategic SEO, engaging social media campaigns, and compelling content marketing strategies.


Freelance Digital Marketing Services

Are you aware about the immense potential of digital marketing services that can help you to develop competent brands for winning the market share and gain growth? Throughout the whole decade and beyond, digital marketing has undergone significant transformations and has successfully integrated the strengths of both traditional marketing and the latest digital media solutions.

In Calicut, a city in the southern state of Kerala, India, the demand for digital marketing expertise has been on the rise. As a freelance digital marketers in Calicut I’m equipped with a wide range of skills and knowledge in various digital marketing strategies. They can help businesses effectively navigate the digital landscape and reach their target audiences online.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

To enlarge brand awareness and engagement, contents will be created and shared through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others


To keep up a remarkable online showroom for your product or services by providing the best user experience specifically for your organisational goals .

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Search engine marketing focuses on expanding online visibility of website on the search engine results page and to grow your business in a highly competitive manner

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO strategies and latest tools helps to improve the visibility and positioning of your web pages in systematizing search results to get quality traffic.


Branding manage your brand reputation and improves the audience perception on brand by the way of brand awareness ,equity , loyalty etc .


By creating certain contents like blog-posts, e-books, videos etc, so as to attract and retain the audience .

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